M3 Mobile marketing is your solution to help you reach and stay connected with your consumers. It takes different forms of engagement with the consumer, depending on the objectives - for branding, sales promotion, customer acquisition, CRM and so forth.

Our Mobile Campaign Management covers the following services:

It is not meant to replace traditional marketing mediums; rather it an extension to other channels. This enables brand managers to better position and manage their brands. Target markets can be further segmented, giving brand managers more control and specific exposure of a brand to ensure maximization of revenue opportunities.

It is a permission-based marketing where existing or potential customers need to agreed before receiving most timely, relevant and individualized benefits and services associated with the brand. We designs the campaign specifically to help client to build consumer relationships and brand loyalty.

Mobile catalogue enables clients to advertise products in an innovative way that engages and immerses consumers in the advertisement at length It offers a new way to capture customers' attention and deliver brand messages that can shape customer behavior and lead to revenue opportunities. It is not going to replace television ads or banners but can further brand building and drive new brand interest when used in conjunction with these methods.

This application helps the organization to run a contest for any of it's promotional activities for example if a company want to promote one of it's new product in the market then they can run a mobile contest and ask people to participate in contest and win prizes. This contest application is developed by keeping all requirements of a clients and this contest can be easily customized and can be implemented in a very short time span. This contest application is PULL based in which a company sends awareness message about the contest and when people start participating in the contest they will receive a series of question which they need to answer to win prizes.

Key Features:

  • Increased Interaction
  • Brand Immersion & Building
  • Mobility Across Markets and Mediums
  • Peer to Peer Viral Compounding
  • Data Collection

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  • Google Play
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