M3TECH SMS Platform is a modern standards-compliant mobile network solution designed specifically to create, deploy and manage internal and rd party mobile applications within a corporate environment. Based on component technology, M3TECH Gateway Platform provides a highly flexible system able to adapt to the technologies, needs and challenges of corporate client. Clients deploying M3TECH SMS Platform can provide users with controlled access to leverage all the functionality in the core and support network components to build new applications.

M3TECH SMS Service Delivery Platform enables the rapid creation, development, testing and commercialization of Value Added Services to be delivered using several of facilities – all pre-packaged and ready for installation. The platform provides users with an open standards-based APT for application development and tools for simplifying the management of a client’s development program – offering complete control for Value Added Services by consolidating the APIs from the various SMSC systems.

M3TECH Service Delivery platform is upgradeable and customizable. This helps user to control the scale of their SMS technology investments, maintain their developer programs and revenue-generating applications as their business and market adoption of Value Added Services grows


  • Multi-layer security
    • IP Authentication
    • User Authentication
    • System Authentication
  • Multi-channel monitoring

    • Sound / Alert
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Call
    • Flexibility & customizable



Why Choose M3TECH SMS Platform?

M3TECH’s SMS Platform is deployed on a common underlying architecture, which delivers carrier-grade performance, reliability and scalability. The architecture also provides a consistent point of integration to network delivery infrastructure, billing systems and back-end business systems. In addition, the common architecture supports multiple M3TECH system and product deployments in a highly modular and configurable fashion

  • Multi-Vendor Environment
  • Multi-Operator Environment
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Modular Approach
  • Maintenance & Monitoring

Multi-Vendor Environment

The M3TECH SMS Platform support a variety of SMSC connectivity protocols including SMPP (v3.3 & v3.4), OIS, CIMD2, and EMI (UCP), and MMSC connectivity protocols such as EAIF, MM7. The Platform can simultaneously connect to multiple SMSC / MMSCs over these protocols

In addition, the SMS Platform can provide a direct MM1 interface for the delivery of MM messages to user agents. This interface provides many of the features of a full MMSC with high performance and low cost characteristics

The SMS Platform also provides for connectivity to a Push Proxy Gateway using the PAP protocol for delivery of WAP Push or MMS Notification messages. This functionality can also be provided via direct communication to the SMSC i.e. without using a PPG

Robust Delivery mechanisms are provided across all channels

Multi-Operator Environment

The SMS Platform is designed to support the delivery of content to subscribers of more than one Mobile Operator. This functionality is supported by:

  • The SMSC and MMSC connectivity protocols that provide flexible routing of content via multiple delivery channels
  • Simultaneous support for multiple different billing scenarios
  • Support for multiple storefronts or portal interfaces.


The SMS Platform is capable of servicing an unlimited number of subscribers with an unlimited number of different content sources. Any performance limitations will be enforced by the available system resources such as CPUs and storage and by the throughput capacity of the attached SMSC/MMSC network. The architecture makes intelligent use of the resources at its disposal to provide a system capable of very high throughputs, meeting the requirements of the most demanding situations


The SMS Platform provides carrier-grade reliability and availability through use of:

  • Load balancers at all interface points
  • Utilization of servers with built-in redundant hardware components
  • Hot standby configuration where the function of each software component can be moved to a backup server
  • Oracle or SQL Server Database Technology, providing high throughput and high availability database access.


M3TECH’s SMS Project architecture provides powerful scalability options that meet a customer's current and forecasted performance requirements with cost-effective and flexible utilization of processing resources

All components of the architecture are multi-threaded and designed to make maximum usage of multiple CPU servers. Depending on the resources available, the system can be configured appropriately giving full control over such processing elements as threads and database connections

As well as providing scalability within a host, the SMS System architecture can be scaled across several hardware nodes, with the addition of new nodes providing for an almost linear increase of system performance

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